Activities at the Resort

A backdrop to some of the world's greatest hunting stories, India's Corbett National Park is not an ordinary stretch of conserved wilderness. It is the stuff that legends are made of, it is the land of Jim Corbett, it is the home of one of the most awe-inspiring beasts - the tiger - and of other animals and birds you probably have heard of only in stories. It is the place for bravehearts and curious feet, the place where nature is both exotic and wild. It is where adventures and born everyday and where you will step in to one almost before you know it.

Which is why, situated close to all this, The Hideaway River Lodge is no ordinary wildlife lodge.

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Cultural Performance
The resort has a cultural performance staged to display the energetic way of life in the Kumaon and Garhwal regions of the Indian sub-continent. Artists perform native dances and musicians provide the backdrop with their lively native music.

Nature Movies & Slide Shows
The resort has a video library which showcases the exotic wildlife of Corbett up-close. The movies are screened in the conference hall of the resort and gives the viewer a sense of being close to nature in its singular state. The resort also has an in-house naturalist who captures the beauty of Corbett in his still shots which are then displayed via a slide show in the evenings.

Other Activities
The resort also has indoor and outdoor games to regale our guests. The activities are supervised by activity managers of the resort. Indoor activities include table tennis, carom, darts, chess and other indoor games and outdoor activities have games like volley ball, badminton, cricket and pool games. From time to time friendly competitions are also organized by the resort personnel.

The resort also has a library for bookworms who wish to delve deeper into the mystique and legends of Corbett and a swimming pool for the outdoorsy and fun loving types.

The Bungalow River's Edge Corbett Cultural Performance at The Bungalow River s Edge Corbett
The Bungalow River's Edge Corbett Nature Cinema The Bungalow River s Edge Corbett 3
The Bungalow River's Edge Corbett Swimming Pool at The Bungalow River s Edge Corbett