List with Bungalows

Have a second home which is a challenge to maintain? 

Would you like to be able to do the following?

  • Maintain your property at no out of pocket monthly expense
  • Security and maintenance taken care of
  • Staffed with a housekeeper and cook
  • Have the option of visiting similar high quality places pan India
  • In addition to the above benefits, earn revenue from your place

The Bungalows  Front view of the Bungalow Naukuchiatal 1


Contact us at +91 9810846442 / for details for listing your property and enjoy the benefits of belonging to an exclusive club.

The Owners Club is an exclusive club for owners of properties leased or under business arrangements with The Leisure Group.
The club is an incentive for owners of properties sold to them and managed by the Leisure Group:
It provides owners with the option to use their properties or any other property listed as part of the club chain of the Leisure Group for a fixed duration each year.
This provides the owners an opportunity to experience other properties in the group and to try different holiday destinations. The owners therefore would get the opportunity to experience a variety of destinations while providing one or more of their properties for the pool.
Terms and conditions:

  1. Each club member and his/her family shall be allowed a maximum of three weeks per year for a holiday within the leisure club.
  2. The total period of three weeks can be split to a maximum of three slots and no more.
  3. Not availing the entitlement in a calendar year shall cause the entitlement to lapse. Two years entitlements cannot be clubbed together to demand a longer stay at a given property.
  4. The entitlements of each member and the availability slots for each property per calendar year shall be sent to each individual member by mail in the first month of each calendar year.
  5.  Members shall be entitled to a property, which has the same accommodation as their own: A two-bedroom owner shall be entitled to a two-bed cottage in an alternate property and similarly for three bedroom owners. I the event of a similar property not being available, an alternative property within the pool could be suggested.
  6. The stay at properties under entitlement shall not be charged to owners. However, all F&B services shall be charged at the prevailing rates on which the owner shall be entitled to a 20% discount.
  7. Owners shall be allowed to nominate guests to stay at their properties on the same terms and conditions as allowed to them. However, this shall be deducted from their total entitlement quota for the year.
  8. All reservations through club members shall be on a first come first served basis. 
  9. Reservations would be made online and confirmed online as well.
  10. Owners would be allowed to use all facilities at the existing properties as allowed to other guests. Charges for such facilities would be levied as applicable subject to the special 20% discount for owners.
  11. Invoice settlements by owners shall be done online. In an effort to keep accounting simple, no adjustments would be made against the amount due to the owners, which would be remitted through an automated system.